Are Grass-Killing Pests Ruining Your Lawn?

grass-killing pests, lawn pestsWhen we think of pests, we often think of termites, mice, bees, or mosquitoes. However, the term “pests” enbraces a much larger variety of creatures. One such variant is grass-killing pests, and these can do massive amounts of damage to your lush green lawn.

Grass-Killing Pests Defined

The name sums up exactly what they do. These are a class of critters that burrow into the soil or eat the grass’s roots. Damage is usually visible and includes:

  • Brown patches
  • Holes in the ground
  • Wilting grass
  • Visible holes in the soil

Types of Grass-Killing Pests


Grubs are beetle larvae. These C-shaped critters measure about an inch in length. They feed on the roots and also attract additional unwanted predators, such as crows and moles. Grubs can cause grass to become brown and the lawn spongy.

Fiery Skippers

This is a species of caterpillars that lays its eggs underneath the grass. This creates small brown patches about two inches in diameter. Eventually you’ll see small clusters of these miniature brown spots. The entire are then dies off.

Cinch Bugs

Chinch bugs only measure a quarter of an inch in length, but they can do massive damage. The critters feed by sucking moisture from the grass blades and leaving behind an anticoagulant. This prevents the blades from replenishing the lost water.

Early signs of cinch bug intrusion include yellowish to reddish grass, which eventually turns solid brown.

The Solution

You should contact a lawn care service in addition to pest control. The former can take measures to make the lawn less appealing to pests. This will probably include seasonal fertilization and aeration. Other prevention strategies include eliminating standing water and mowing the lawn to the recommended height.

We Promote a Pest-Free Lawn

All Weather Landscaping can care for your lawn, including any trees and shrubs. We also pressure wash decks and hard surfaces. Don’t let grass-killing pests ruin your property’s curb appeal.

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