Best Cool Season Grass for the Bothell Area

cool season grassTo the untrained eye, all grasses look the same on the surface. However, various grass species exist, and some varieties thrive better under Pacific Northwest weather. Cool season grass is especially suited for the cooler temperatures of Bothell and the greater Seattle area.

What Is Cool Season Grass?

Cool season grass is basically what its name suggests. This is a grass type that thrives during cold weather and mildly hot summers. This is a common variety throughout the entire northern area of North America. Lawn care professionals prefer this grass because it’s easy to maintain for this region.

Cool season grass also grows during the spring and fall seasons. Since spring is about here, this is a good time to renovate your lawn with this type of grass.

Top Cool Season Grasses

Kentucky Bluegrass: Despite its name, this grass isn’t common in southern states like Kentucky. This species is a uniform dark green. Homeowners need to water this grass frequently due to its low heat tolerance.

Fuscue: This is a form of tufted grass known for growing small flowers. It has a bit of a rough appearance, making it ideal if you’re aiming for a rustic or barnyard look.

Ryegrass: This is a tufted grass similar to fuscue. Perennial ryegrass is the most prevalent variety; it goes dormant during the cool season and begins growing again in the spring. Ryegrass is known for its twisted stalks that grow above average height.

We Grow and Maintain all Cool Season Grass Types

Regardless of the grass type on your lawn, contact All Weather Landscaping for regular lawn upkeeping. This includes care of your trees and shrubs and the occasional pressure washing of your deck and siding. The Bothell area is a natural habitat for cool season grass, hence the more reason to have it grace your lawn.

Grass Laying and Maintenance

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