Crabgrass Removal: How to Effectively Rid Your Lawn of This Invasive Weed

crabgrass removal

Crabgrass sticks out like a sore thumb in your lawn. Sure, you can use a weed spray or pull it out by hand, but it just grows back and often in the same spot. What is the key to effective and permanent crabgrass removal?

What Is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is a species of weed that grows in a patch with stems that protrude from the center. Some people say the stems resemble crab legs, hence the name. 

Crabgrass is especially pervasive during late spring and early summer as the temperature rises. The species thrives under hot and dry weather. By the time crabgrass dies in the fall, the annual weed is able to produce and germinate thousands of seeds.

Steps for Crabgrass Removal

If your lawn only has a few crabgrass plants, you can use a weed control spray that kills down to the root. You can also uproot the plants by hand or with a trowel. However, if the weed is pervasive, then you need to contact lawn care service. Dozens of crabgrass plants mean hundreds to thousands of seeds are already deep in the soil.


Apply mulch in areas where you removed the crabgrass. Even if seeds remain, they will have difficulty germinating through the mulch. Crabgrass also tends to grow in areas of grass that are thinning out. The thinning out is due to lack of water. Prevent grass thinning by regularly watering. How much water you apply depends on the species of grass in your lawn. Also, always keep the grass blades a minimum of 2.5-inches long.

We Stop Crabgrass Growth

Your lawn requires special care with the arrival of summer. This entails the whole lawn, including trees and shrubs. Decks may also benefit from staining and/or pressure washing. Call All Weather Landscaping for crabgrass removal; stop this invasive weed dead in its tracks.

Crabgrass and Weed Removal

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