How to Create a Pollinator Garden for Beneficial Insects

Pollinator GardenMany of you gardeners may be unaware that your garden isn’t the product of your effort alone. You receive a lot of assistance in the form of beneficial insects. This is why you should construct gardens in a way that invites the good critters. This is what a pollinator garden is all about. We’ll show you how to make your garden attractive to the insects you want on your side.

The Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects can be arranged into three categories:

  • Pollinators—includes honeybees and solitary bees that pollinate flowers
  • Predators—includes ladybugs, cellar spiders, and soldier bugs that prey on harmful pests
  • Parasites—includes a species of aphids that eliminates more harmful aphids by using their bodies as a nursery for their young

Create the Ideal Pollinator Garden

Make simple adjustments to transform your lawn into a pollinator garden. The key is to create enough hiding places. Be sure the garden has plenty of nooks and crannies. Use hollowed or drilled logs, bamboo poles, and rock piles. Place these materials near trees and shrubs if they’re present on your property. These will provide homes for bugs which are attracted to plant matter and rely on its sap and/or nectar.

Add a Bug Hotel

Some gardeners take their pollinator garden to the next level with a bug hotel. As suggested in its name, this is a makeshift structure for bugs. You can create one using an old drawer, shadow box, or wine crate. Keep the structure at least 5 feet from the ground and fill the interior with dry material, such as twigs, shredded newspaper, weeds, or burlap. Be sure the main entrance faces the direction of sap or nectar sources.

We’ll Create the Perfect Pollinator Garden

Leave it to All Weather Landscaping to create an insect-friendly garden. We provide full services from pressure washing to full landscaping from scratch. A pollinator garden ensures your lawn receives plenty of secondhand assistance.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Lawn Care for Pollinator Gardens

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