Why Is My Dog Eating Lawn Grass?

dog eat grassThe lawn provides a significant roaming space for man’s best friend. Some homeowners, though, have noticed that their canine occasionally chows down on the grass or fallen leaves from trees and shrubs. Is this normal behavior, and is it safe? We’re a lawn care company, not animal psychologists, so we can’t definitively explain why dogs eat grass. However, we will share with you what we know.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

From what we have heard, dogs may eat grass out of boredom, out of hunger, or simply because they like the taste. Another theory is that they do it to induce vomiting, though many vets have debunked this idea.

Regardless of why they do it, most experts agree that grass is harmless for dogs. This is assuming, of course, that the grass has no pesticides or other harmful chemicals. The grass by itself, though, is safe.

Here’s more food-for-thought: dogs descended from wolves, which preyed on herbivores that fed on grass. This means they ended up consuming the contents inside the stomachs of their prey.

Restoring the Lawn

Even if harmless for your dog, the ripping and eating of grass patches leave bare spots on your lawn. If you want to make your dog stop eating grass, then that is a job for a good dog trainer. If you want to restore the bald spots on your grassy turf, then gives us a call. We can restore grassy areas regardless of the grass type.

We’ll Fix Your Lawn for the New Year

Restoring your lawn makes for a nice New Year’s Resolution. We can restore grassy areas as well as pressure wash decks stained by your dog’s pee. Call All Weather Landscaping for a lawn renovation. As for your dog eating grass, we would worry more about the lawn than your dog’s well-being.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Lawn Restoration for the New Year

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