Fall Planting: Why Autumn Is the Best Season to Plant

fall plantingMany gardeners, both recreational and professional, believe spring is the best season for planting new shrubs, bulbs, and perennials. However, fall planting has its advantages. Here are some excellent the reasons to plant during the season of falling leaves.

1. Jumpstart on Spring Growth

Planting wildflowers and perennials in the fall gives them a head start come spring. Early blooms also provide life-sustaining nectar for pollinating insects, especially in early spring when nectar-giving flowers are scarce.

2. Less Water

Fall planting means cooler weather and shorter days. This translates to less evaporation; photosynthesis also slows down. This means less water requirements compared to spring planting.

3. Garden Under Cooler Weather

Our lawn care crew works year-round. However, for DIY gardeners, working and sweating under the sweltering sun is not exactly the ideal situation. Many find fall weather more pleasant for outdoor gardening. Fall gardening also decreases risk of dehydration and sunburn.

4. Some Flowers Require Fall Planting

Certain bulbs, such as daffodils and tulips, require autumn planting so they can “winter-over.” This enables the bulbs to produce vibrant blooms by spring.

The Ideal Time to Plant

When in the fall is the best time to begin? We recommend starting about six weeks before the ground freezes. Root growth ceases once the soil freezes. Six weeks provide ample time for plants to adjust. Of course, the ground may not freeze at all, which is not unusual in the Bothell area. If you do anticipate a freeze, then we suggest planting by mid-November at the latest.

We Care for Lawns all Seasons

It isn’t absolutely necessary to begin planting in the fall. However, starting now means luscious growth by spring. Contact All Weather Landscaping if you want to begin this season. Aside from fall planting, now is also the time for outdoor property maintenance, such as deck restoration and pressure washing.

Autumn Landscaping Care

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