Four Tips for Fall Landscaping Care

fall landscapingFall landscaping is all about preparing the area for winter. Even if you do nothing else, at least contact a landscaping company during autumn for an annual check up. Lawn care during this time of year prepares the vegetation for the upcoming Pacific Northwestern cold.

Fall Landscaping Musts

1. Spread Mulch

Fall mulching protects tree and shrub roots from frost and helps them retain moisture during the dry season. Use two to three inches of mulch around the perimeter of trees. Use only fresh mulch, such as shredded hardwood. Avoid store-bought mulch sold in bulk. This usually contains mulch derived from disease-ridden trees.

2. Remove the Dead and Dying

This is the time to remove dead blooms, annuals, and desiccated ornamental grasses. As for the trees and shrubs, this isn’t the ideal time to prune them. Pruning encourages new branch growth, which isn’t ideal when the trees are dormant.

3. Encase Shrubs

Wrap a burlap sack around shrubs. Hide smaller plants and flowers by placing overturned pots or buckets over them. Heavy winds and dry weather can split your delicate shrubs and plants. Encasement protects them from exposure.

4. Plant New Shrubs and Plants

Plan on planting new shrubs and plants? The timeframe between early fall and when the ground freezes is the ideal. The autumn weather generally puts less stress on young saplings. This is also the time to buy plants and flowers from your local garden store. Typically, all plants on inventory need to go by December, so expect wholesale prices.

We Service Landscapes in the Fall

Fall is your window of opportunity to prepare your landscape for the upcoming harsh weather. Contact All Weather Landscaping for landscaping and pressure washing service while autumn is in full swing. Fall landscaping contributes to the long-term care of your outdoor foliage.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Fall Lawn Care and Maintenance

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