Good Alternatives to Burning Fall Leaves in Bothell

alternatives to burning leaves, leaf disposalFall is the time of year of colorful leaves litter your backyard. What exactly should you do with the leaves once you raked them into a pile? Some people bag them and throw the contents into the garbage. Others, though, burn the leaves. Is this an acceptable method of foliage disposal? What are some good alternatives to burning leaves?

The Risks of Burning Fall Leaves

Burning leaves pose a health hazard. The heat causes moisture to leach out of the leaves and release airborne particles. This type of leaf disposal poses the risk of respiratory infection for your household and neighbors. Leaf smoke can irritate the nose, eyes, and throat. Children and those prone to allergies are especially vulnerable.

That’s not all; if the leaves are wet, this may only result in partial burning, causing a carbon monoxide release.

In addition, most municipalities in and around Bothell prohibit the burning of trash. Violators will be fined.

Alternatives to Burning Leaves

What should you do, then, with all those leaves that once graced your trees and shrubs?

Contact your city to find out if it has a curbside pickup program for natural biodegradable material. Another alternative is to reuse the leaves as mulch for your landscape. If you mow your own lawn, we suggest using a mulching blade. This blade type double cuts the leaves, leaving behind smaller remnants. You can spread the mulch over your lawn; the soil absorbs the nutrients and converts the material into fertilizer.

As part of our lawn care service, we can create homemade mulch out of the leaves on your property.

Leaf Disposal the Right Way

Fall is the time of year for lawn maintenance, including pressure washing your decks and outdoor furniture. Contact All Weather Landscaping if your lawn is covered with dead leaves. Burning leaves is the worst possible way to dispose of natural foliage.

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