How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

attract butterfliesHumans tend to revile insects. Some species, however, such as butterflies and ladybugs, are an exception. Speaking of the former, you can attract butterflies to your garden by making some simple changes to your lawn care routine.

Forgo Pesticides

We’re not suggesting you have to eliminate pesticide use completely. After all, pesticides in some form or another are usually necessary for killing harmful pests. However, it’s important to know what’s in the pesticides you use. Common chemicals, such as diazinon and malathion, are especially deadly to butterflies.

Create a Butterfly Spa

A butterfly spa is simply an area that attracts the beautiful winged critters. Butterflies like to bask in the sun. Create a lot of natural flat surfaces, such as flat limestone and sheetrock. Since butterflies like to feed under a full sun, try to minimize shaded areas.

The garden should also have damp sand and mud where butterflies can hang out and drink the mineral-rich water. Create miniature puddling spots by filling shallow pans with damp sand/mud.

Plant Bright Colors

Butterflies are attracted to bright flowers, especially orange, yellow, red, and purple. Consider flat-topped flowers with short tubes. Flowering shrubs that attract butterflies include the buddleia, Rose of Sharon, firebush, and summer sweets.

Leave the Weeds

Yes, we know weeds can be an eyesore. However, some weed types, such as milkweed and clover, attract butterflies as they make their autumn migration. We suggest designating a spot in your yard where you let the weeds be. This spot can even be a raised garden bed on a deck.

We’ll Help Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

We know how to optimize a landscape to attract more butterflies and other beneficial insects. Contact All Weather Landscaping for lawn service, pressure washing, and other related maintenance. Attracting butterflies to your garden will add a whole new element of natural beauty.

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