Improve Lawn Aesthetics with Landscape Buffers

landscape bufferMost homes have fencing, masonry, or some other barrier system that separates their property from the rest of the block. This barrier is known as a landscape buffer. Using foliage as a landscape buffer provides for additional curb appeal.

What Is a Landscape Buffer?

Landscape buffers consisting of bushes or shrubs are also referred to as living fences. This is essentially the use of foliage as decoration for home fences and other property dividers. The definition also extends to include use of foliage around utilities. Beyond aesthetics, landscape buffers also serve additional purposes, such as:

  • Turning a semi-private fence into a private one
  • Blocking the wind
  • Minimizing noise pollution. Plants make surprisingly good noise barriers.
  • Covering less visually appealing areas, such as stained spots. However, you can also address this by pressure washing away grimy areas.
  • Hiding utilities, such as septic tank lids and water meters

Landscape buffering has become an integral part of lawn care for properties in and around the Bothell area.

Landscape Buffering Tips

First, we do not advise covering an entire barrier. Leave a point of entry. This way, a maintenance worker will have easy access should the barrier require servicing. With that in mind, you should not, for example, completely obscure an electrical panel.

Also, be selective with the plant material. While tropical plants like banana leaves are popular choices, they do not thrive year-round. Aim for plants that survive in multiple climates and grow quickly. Good options include:

  • Yaupon Holly
  • Wax myrtle
  • Japanese Yew
  • Ligustrum

If you insert these plants at the beginning of the fall, they will be well established by the time winter rolls around.

We Create Landscape Buffers

Landscaping encompasses more than the grass and shrubs. Contact All Weather Landscaping for a full range of lawn care. Landscape buffering is one facet of yard staging that contributes to greater curb appeal.

Landscape Buffering and Lawn Maintenance

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