Professional Lawn Care Service in Bothell and North King & South Snohomish County

lawn care serviceDo you like the look of a well-maintained lawn but lack the time or patience to do the upkeep yourself? Or are you a senior who could use some assistance with lawn care? Do you live with a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to tend to your lawn care needs on your own? All Weather Landscaping can help you keep your outdoor space looking its best with affordable, quality lawn care service you can depend on.

Affordable, Quality Lawn Care Service

We offer personalized lawn care service in Bothell and the surrounding area, customized according to each customer’s needs. Need your lawn regularly mowed and edges cleaned up? Want weeds removed and moss treatment applied at the right times? From seeding to regular maintenance to reconditioning to pest control, our quality lawn care service is designed to take care of all your landscaping and lawn care needs.

Lawn Dethatching & Aeration

lawn care serviceThatch is the layer of dead and living grass shoots, stems and roots that builds up between the soil and the grass blades in your lawn over time. When the turf produces organic debris faster than it can be broken down, thatch can become so thick that water, nutrients and even air can’t penetrate it well. Water simply runs off instead of getting into the root system, and fertilizer won’t penetrate well, either. If you have a thatch buildup, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll inspect your lawn and advise whether thatch should be removed.

And if you notice your lawn isn’t looking its best, aeration (poking small holes into the soil to allow air and nutrients to penetrate through to the grass’s roots) may be just what the doctor ordered to restore its health. We also offer expert tree and shrub care and pressure washing, staining and sealing, so for prompt, affordable service for all your lawn care needs, contact us today and be sure to ask about our special offers!

We’ll Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Looking Great – Affordably!

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