How to Protect Your Grass from a Drought

protect grass from droughtContrary to popular belief, droughts can and do occur in the winter, albeit less often compared to summer. This is why lawn care is important year-round. Without proper maintenance, you can begin to see your grass start to turn brown. We’ll explain how to protect your grass from a drought by ensuring that they receive enough water.

Prevention Measures

Sure, you can keep the sprinklers on longer. However, this may not be possible if the city imposes a water usage limit during a drought. A more clever strategy is to increase the soil’s ability to absorb water. Here’s how:


This maximizes the absorption rate of available moisture in the air. You should de-thatch your lawn regularly but especially during a drought.


Aerating is the process of punching holes in the soil. Like de-thatching, this increases absorption ability. You can buy or rent an aerator at your local hardware store.

Mow the Lawn

Mow regularly. The trick, though, is to let the clippings rest on the lawn. Grass clipping provide extra moisture.

Stay Off the Lawn

Don’t step on the lawn if you don’t have to. Foot traffic compacts the soil, inhibiting its ability to absorb water. This includes lightweight traffic from small children and pets.

Kill Weeds

Weeds aren’t just an eyesore. They take moisture away from the grass, as well as from surrounding trees and shrubs. Apply herbicide on individual weeds, not the entire lawn. Read our September post for further details on how to kill weeds.

We’ll Protect Your Grass from Drought

The above steps require extensive care. Leave the maintenance to All Weather Landscaping. We also do pressure washing for walls and decks. Start 2018 by ensuring your lawn remains lush and green. Protecting your grass from a drought is the first step to a healthy lawn.

Lawn Maintenance for a Winter Drought

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