Should You Use a Humate Conditioner for Your Lawn?

humate conditionerYou probably learned about humates in your grade school biology class but just don’t remember it. A humate conditioner is a compound that may be very useful for your lawn. We’ll explain what it is, how it works, and why it’s beneficial for as a lawn care application.

What Are Humate Conditioners?

Humate is a type of “soft” rock rich in decomposed organic matter. After eons of chemical breakdown of the biological matter, the substance evolves into a mixture of fulvic and humic acids, peptides, and macromolecules. The resulting substance works wonders as an organic soil conditioner and fertilizer.

How Does Humate Conditioner Work?

We can’t explain in detail how humates work without writing a graduate university-level thesis paper. Essentially humate helps aerate the soil, improves water retention, and increases cation exchange (the electrical energy capacity of the soil). It even works to break up compacted clay, which allows plant roots to grow and absorb needed nutrients. The results often translate to accelerated germination time, stronger root systems of trees and shrubs, and resistance to disease and parasites.

The agricultural industry is also increasingly using humate conditioners on their crops. Benefits include higher vitamin and mineral content in vegetables and less harmful nitrate concentrations.

Does Your Lawn Require Humate Conditioners?

We are advocates of all things organic, and we certainly don’t oppose the use of humate conditioners. However, please bear in mind that this compound isn’t a cure-all solution. You must also strictly adhere to other lawn care principles. For best results, bring in a professional landscaper to determine how to best use and distribute the conditioner into your soil.

We Use the Highest-Grade Soil Conditioners

You don’t need to debate among yourself over what is the best type of soil conditioner. Leave that intricacy to All Weather Landscaping. We’ll maintain your lawn and do the occasional pressure washing and staining to keep the exterior of your home in pristine condition. Humate conditioners are certainly beneficial but aren’t the only way to achieve a beautiful lawn.

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