The Dangers of Dog Poop on the Lawn

dog poop dangersDog poop on the lawn is unsightly. It also smells and attracts flies. Nevertheless, you probably prefer your dog do its business outdoors than inside the home. Be aware, though, of the dangers of dog feces because it poses health risks for both the lawn and the home’s occupants.

Why Dog Poop on the Lawn Is Dangerous

Here’s a fun fact: The Environmental Protection Agency has designated dog waste as a pollutant. It’s in the same category as synthetic pesticides. Here’s something else to consider: just a single gram of dog waste has 23 million fecal bacteria.

Much of that bacteria can transfer to the grass and remain on the surface for more than a year. A single fly can also carry six million bacteria on its legs after landing on dog doo. That’s bad news if the fly makes its way indoors.

How to Treat a Poop-Infested Lawn

Lawn care isn’t just about creating an aesthetically appealing yard. It’s also about creating healthy soil and grass, trees and shrubs, and other vegetation. Lawn maintenance also entails pressure washing, which not only removes stains but also removes bacteria. After all, how often has your dog relieved itself on the deck rather than on the lawn?

If you’re a pet owner, we recommend regular lawn treatment. This entails more than just immediately discarding your dog’s waste. The lawn needs a good cleanse or detoxification.

One solution is to cover the area with diatomaceous earth. This is a fossilized form of diatom that kills parasites and their eggs. Diatomaceous earth is also all-natural, so you’re not using any synthetic chemicals.

We Maintain Lawn Health

We encourage pet owners to call All Weather Landscaping. Your lawn probably has bacteria from dog feces and urine. Dog poop on the lawn entails disease that can spread and affect the yard, your dog, and the home’s occupants.

Lawn Health Maintenance for Bothell Homes

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