The Dangers of Scalping Your Lawn

lawn scalping

Mowing is an integral part of lawn care. It helps keep weeds at bay and prevents grass disease. Mowing, however, can also be counterproductive if you’re cutting the grass too short. This is known as lawn scalping, and you need to be sure to avoid this.

The Effects of Lawn Scalping

Grass uses photosynthesis to processes the nutrients it takes in. This is the process of absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy. The grass’ leaf blades carry out this process. If you cut away too much grass, you diminish their ability to do this.

Are you overcutting the grass? To know, examine the cut grass. If you can see the stem, then it’s too short. The stem is brownish, so if you see brown instead of green, then you overdid it.

In addition, you should also be aware of the grass type. Is it a warm or cold-season species? The former should never be shorter than one-inch in length. Cold-season varieties should be no shorter than 2.5-inches.

How to Prevent Lawn Scalping

Never mow with a dull blade. A dull blade tends to rip away instead of cut the grass. If the grass appears uneven, torn, or frayed, then you need to sharpen or replace the blades.

Since summer is here, we also recommend cycling the grass. This is the practice of keeping the grass clippings on the lawn. This helps the soil absorb some of the nutrients from the clippings. Grass cycling works best during warm temperatures; cold and moist weather causes the clippings to clump and block out sunlight.

We Care for Grass

All Weather Landscaping takes care of your grass, garden beds, and trees and shrubs. This also includes complete pressure washing of decks. Mowing is a delicate process; you don’t want to scalp the lawn and harm the grass.

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