Toxic Gardening Plants to Watch Out For

toxic plants, poisonous plantsWith the right landscape and foliage, the garden can become your own private retreat. However, the scene may contain hidden dangers. While you may adore the surrounding plants and flowers, they may actually be harmful for kids and pets. We’ll identify some common but toxic gardening plants.

Lily of the Valley

Homeowners adore this flower for its white, bell-shaped petals and sweet scent. However, Lily of the Valleys contain a compound called convallotoxin. A single bite of the flower induces migraines, clammy skin, hot flashes, and even hallucinations. Prolonged exposure can lead to coma in severe cases.


This is a white, pink, or blue flower that grows in clusters on shrubs. They are especially a popular summertime flower. The buds contain cyanogenic glycosides, a poisonous chemical. Ingestion causes dizziness, shortness of breath, and convulsions in severe instances. In essence, swallowing hydrangea buds is akin to swallowing a cyanide pill.

Poet’s Narcissus

This white flower is a smaller cousin of the common daffodil. The bulbs contain emetics that induce nausea and numbness. Be especially careful if you have open wounds. If the plant’s secretion makes contact with an external cut, you’re looking at potential and severe heart paralysis.


This is a purple or pink flower that grows in a vertical cluster. Its addition adds height to your garden. The upper stem contains the digitonin chemical. Even nibbling a bit of the plant is enough to cause vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, this can cause death in small pets by drastically lowering the heart rate.

Should You Avoid Toxic Garden Plants?

All Weather Landscaping actually plants these potentially harmful plants. We also perform basic lawn care for them. It’s a part of our service, which also includes deck care. These toxic gardening plants are okay for residential landscapes; just be careful if you have young children and pets.

Plant Care and Planting

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