Should You Use Landscape Fabric for Your Lawn?

landscape fabricAre you a DIY gardener? Have you contemplated using landscape fabric? Like all other lawn accessories, this tool has its pros and cons. We’ll cover the basics of landscape fabric and whether it’s the right product for your lawn care endeavors.

What Is Landscape Fabric?

You’ve probably seen dark rolls of fabric at your local hardware store. Beginning gardeners often wonder what this material does. The material is a woven fabric which allows water penetration. The fabric protects the ground from weed growth and UV rays. Most homeowners apply it around trees and shrubs and top it off with mulch for best results.

The Pros

  • Inhibits the sprouting of weed seeds beneath the soil. This is a natural form of weed prevention that prevents the need for synthetic herbicides.
  • Prevents water evaporation, thus improving soil moisture retention.
  • Protects the soil from erosion on sloped surfaces

The Cons

Landscape fabric is by no means a miracle product. It even has some drawbacks.

  • The fabric prevents leaves and other organic mulch from making contact with the soil. Leaves provide nutrients as they degrade.
  • The fabric is not 100% effective at preventing weed growth. You would have to remove the fabric to rip out the weeds that do grow.
  • The fabric discourages earthworms from burying themselves into the soil. Earthworms aerate the soil, preventing it from becoming compact.
  • Some fabrics contain petroleum and other chemicals. This is not good for the soil and is especially bad for fruit-bearing plants.

We’ll Handle Your Lawn Care

If you’re unsure about using fabric of any kind, just leave the lawn care to All Weather Landscaping. Entrust us with yard maintenance, pressure washing, and other exterior home needs. We can help you decide on the use of landscape fabric depending on your lawn type and level of gardening know-how.

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